2023 Consolidated Summary of Financial Statements

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This year, we’ve seen enormous hardship caused by the escalating cost of living and the continued housing crisis. With you by our side, we have supported those in greatest need with nutritious food, pathways to housing and trauma-informed medical care and a welcoming community, 365 days a year. 

In our first full year in HomeGround, we have seen how this innovative integrated services model helps people to access and sustain housing and journey to wellness. 


It was an absolute honour to represent Board members past and present at the official opening of HomeGround in September 2022. After more than a decade of planning, the opening ceremony marked the realisation of long-held dream: where those in greatest need, are offered a place to heal and transform their lives with dignity and respect.  

About the Mission

For more than a century, the Auckland City Mission - Te Tāpui Atawhai has been supporting Aucklanders in greatest need, with aroha and respect.
We provide immediate relief and pathways to long-term wellbeing, through connection and access to kai, kāinga and hauora. 

Our Vision

A Tāmaki Makaurau where everyone can thrive. 

Our Values

Compassion, care and grace guides our every interaction.

We recognise and value the mana of every person as equal or greater than our own through hospitality, generosity, aroha and respect.

Manatika/Mana Ōrite
Committed to equity and seeking dignity for all, we will fearlessly advocate with and for people experiencing greatest need.

We seek to engage in authentic partnerships characterised by mutual trust, integrity, respect, transparency, commitment and collaboration. We demonstrate our commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi through our actions.


Addressing Hunger in Auckland

We believe that everyone should have access to enough good kai to sustain them and their families.

We provide food support for families who could otherwise not afford nutritious kai.  In our community dining room, we offer hot meals and a warm welcome 365 days a year, to people experiencing homelessness or vulnerably housed.


Housing Aucklanders in Need

At the Mission, we are working to make homelessness brief, rare and non-recurring with affordable and healthy homes a reality for all.  

We provide a welcoming community and wrap-around support for people experiencing homelessness, and help them to access permanent homes and live well independently. Our Community Housing arm, Auckland City Mission Housing Limited, offers affordable, permanent homes for people needing social housing.   


Supporting people with complex health needs

We believe that healthcare should be accessible to all, including those suffering the effects of trauma, mental illness and addiction.

At the Calder Health Centre, our doctors and nurses offer low-cost trauma-informed medical care, and are experienced in addressing the health impacts of living in poverty and sleeping rough.
In addition, we run a 15-bed residential social withdrawal programme to support people break the cycle of addiction. 

Thank you for your support

The Auckland City Mission - Te Tāpui Atawhai is deeply grateful for the generous support of individuals, groups, companies, foundations and associations towards Aucklanders in greatest need.

Whether you have supported financially, volunteered at one of our services, taken part in a fundraising event, shopped at our op shops, or donated food and gifts, our work would not be possible without you. 

Thanks to each and every one of you.